Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you're one prone to the difficulties of understanding ebonikz, then move along. You'll get nothing from this posting or anything from anyone of any value. Game over for you.

Rode past m'a boi Hugh's heezy at about half past an 8 beezy on my way heezy yestaday meezy.

I spat on his lawn. My spit didn't freeze or sizzle, plus there was no drizzle so I was happy as a birthday clizzle.

This posting is lame. So was the latter ride of my day. Head wind from Dupes and Sym-Symmie all the way to College and Lippnicky reigning down on my dome like a BJ from Tory Lane.

Other than that the day was quite lovely. I stayed cozy with Oscar Wilde.

Outta breath, outta time, outta here.

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Anonymous said...

you ever just wanna shit on a ho?