Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you're one prone to the difficulties of understanding ebonikz, then move along. You'll get nothing from this posting or anything from anyone of any value. Game over for you.

Rode past m'a boi Hugh's heezy at about half past an 8 beezy on my way heezy yestaday meezy.

I spat on his lawn. My spit didn't freeze or sizzle, plus there was no drizzle so I was happy as a birthday clizzle.

This posting is lame. So was the latter ride of my day. Head wind from Dupes and Sym-Symmie all the way to College and Lippnicky reigning down on my dome like a BJ from Tory Lane.

Other than that the day was quite lovely. I stayed cozy with Oscar Wilde.

Outta breath, outta time, outta here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Drizzling guest blogger: jimmy

Yesterday was pretty crap-tacular outside so i decided to stay and have a jizz fest of my own. It was raining buckets after multiple primetimes thanks to my new collection of erotica.

Film still from Kenneth Anger's
L'Eaux D'Artifice (1953)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

unseasonably warm

For the past couple daze its been really nice and warm. Finally getting out of this deep freeze.

All the snow is melting feels like spring. Was about 7 degrees yesterday. Its just a tease for the next couple days, but i am not complaining. Heard a chickadee out of my window today, i think he was enjoying the warm weather as well.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday was amazing. I woke up to see that naughty salt falling from the sky and it got me thinking about how bad I just wanted to rip into some anacondas right away, you know? Some real thick Hollywoods. When the snowman comes it's warm, so warm that combined with all those thoughts of the devil's dandruff --- I got a huge rod. I popped outta bed, stayed buck, slapped on my boots, toque, knit domer and just went running through the 'Dale to buy croissants. Rods rule!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last night it was snowing so hard, it was hard to see 5 feet in front of you. it was nice and calming. when you drive in heavy snow like that, it felt like you were in star wars, and all the snow seemed like stars just whizzing by. It was mild felt about 1 degree. the snow piled fast, it was packing snow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dead Sun

Got the window cracked hollered back money ain't a thing. 12:30 pm. I woke up in my translucent cube fort that was glowing because the sun was blasting through my windows, so I rolled over and blasted a load on my girl's grill. Stumbled down the steps and clean my downstairs' mix-up, put the kettle on, killed a Pabst then opened the slider and stepped out into a gloriously brisk day and proceeded to choke down a smooth, tasty dart. My landlady gave me the finger because I raged on my drum kit pretty loud 7 hours earlier, but I didn't care because I was tuned, the sun was out, I nutted and was suckin' on nicotine like it was my fuckin' job. I wasn't wearing a shirt and my nipples got hard, which I liked. I watched a bad movie, and by the time it was done darkness was upon me. Me and my bitch checked the temp -- which had dropped significantly -- so we bundle up with dick and tit cosies and headed out into the night. Sometime around this time I started hitting the sauce again, so my temp became neuts again. Saw some ugly people on transit. Ourspace was a fuckin' sauna so I kept drinking to stay hydrated. Blacked out warm. I was happy.

Woke up in my cube and it felt like groundhog day.

I'm drinking again.


Monday, November 10, 2008

It got super cold last night, wind started up had to put and extra cardigan on, couldn't light a cig up, then it started to snow and i saw this little raccoon running across the street, i think he was soo pissed at the weather like i was and he was just trying to get out of the coldness and into a nice warm place. I hope he made it.